Stud wall in a garage

Jul 30, 2012
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I'm looking to build a stud wall in my garage. This wall will basically cut a double garage (cars end-on-end not side-by-side) into a single one. Although the existing walls are only single skin I plan in due course to insulate them fully. Although I can find loads of info on building a basic stud wall this one - as the garage is uninsulated and has an external temperature- will presumably need some heavy duty insulation. Can anyone point me towards some info on what insulation or damp proofing is needed?

Also - would this need building regs approval.


Aug 8, 2012
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You will need building regs if it is a change of use, i.e. if it is going to be used for living in - rather than just storage. I am in fact now sitting in a room which used to be a garage. It was done before we moved in, but our solicitor had to obtain a copy of the building regs.

More info: The floor has been raised - they put in a suspended wooden floor over the concrete garage floor. The walls have been insulated (should be waterproof anyway?) - I am guessing that the fixed suitable timber battons to the wall, then insulation panels, then plaster board.

I hope this helps.

p.s. you can by rigid insulation panels with a great u-value (insulation value)

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