Need Help. Fluorscent lava effect bathroom counter

Dec 27, 2019
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Okay, I need help. I am having issues with my paint, painting technique (Or lack thereof), application. I know the reason it is not turning out has to be with my lack of knowledge. The back story. I have been a graphite, pen & ink artist since I was little. I am able to look at something and transfer what I see onto paper. Small size, medium size whichever fits my paper size. I can use colored pencils, pastels colored ink. Not so much the markers. I don't even want to get started on me and watercolors! We have never got along. Also, when it comes to painting that's where I turn a gorgeous portrait to crap! Instantly. I have no technique, no knowledge of what works with this or what goes with that. I don't know the brush size and shapes or what they are for. However, I watched spray paint street artist at work. That is so awesome! I can pretty much get a decent space picture with planets and stars and colored plants. That is pretty much the extent of that. Now I am not asking for anyone to tell me to learn it. I know I should have. The problem is I am stuck in a DIY art/Fix/ Venture in my half bathroom. So I wanted to add mirrors above my kitchen sink, kind of like a tiled mirror back splash. The mirrors I ended up getting were the affordable kind. PVC plastic 6"x6" self-adhesive types. Well, me being me, without any experience doing tiles I proceeded to put them on my cleaned wall. Peel, stick, peel. Peel, stick the other ones would fall off the wall. So it continued peal, super glue, stick, peel. Okay, so I ended up getting super glue on my mirrored piece after the protected covering was off. Ruined my whole thing. So with a bit of self loathing and name-calling, which is kind of weird I know. I proceeded to rip all the mirrors off and start over! I finished the kitchen mirrors. Looks great. Okay with that being said, all of those pieces I couldn't just throw away! So I came up with an idea for my half bath, counter. I wanted to break those pieces up and use them like tile on my counter around my sink. So I also did not want them mirrored I wanted them a flat black, to resemble charcoal, volcano, lava blackish whatever. I wanted my counter to look like a dying planet. Maybe a flat piece of land that was cracking like the hot desert. These PVC mirrored pieces, I thought, were perfect. So I proceeded to break them, cut them, trim them to fit and look pretty much like what my pictures and what's in my head looked like. I then painted them flat black using Rustoleum paint and primer. Rustoleum bonds to plastic. Perfect. I then painted my counter fluorescent orange, yellow with some red, and red orange. Oops! I forgot to mention I have a black light above the door when you walk in the black light is on back behind and also I will be putting a black light, LED just above the counter top, under shelves to bring out the glow effect on the counter. So, I spray painted (because I don't know where to get fluorescent paint, I barely found any at Lowes, home depot and its spray paint. So expensive) the counter with colors, then I spray painted the pieces, then I glued the pieces to the counter and it looked like crap. The fluorescent didn't shine through, so I tried hand painting in between only to get it everywhere but in the cracks. So I wipe it off, pull my black light closer now it smeared everywhere that I don't want it. So I wipe it off the tiles and then the black paint came off the mirrors, and I just smeared the fluorescent. Now its fluorescent paint smeared onto my black tiles that aren't black anymore, they are scraped to mirror with fluorescent paint on top. I grab my paint brush and try to paint the tiles individually back to black. Check with the black light, ugghhh! It looks like crap. So I spray paint the whole counter top black in a fit of disgust and rage. Now I need to get the fluorescent down in the cracks. It's not all level either, because well it's not in real life. So the cracks and pieces all are at different heights and sizes just how I want them. However! I tried painting in the cracks. Same thing happened as before. Fluorescent paint all over my pieces and when I go to wipe it just smears and takes the black with it. So I try to spray black, put clear on black, let dry. Then I figured I could spray the fluorescent on all of it. The fluorescent would fill in the cracks and I could squeegee it off the top and as I wipe it, It will fill in the cracks. Well now all the tiles are fluorescent real dark and pretty in the crack how I want it. Then lighter on the top of tile. They are no longer black how I want them. Now I am out of paint and money. Out of patience. So frustrated I can just scream! This is way too long-winded but I don't know what to do to get the result I want. Oh, yeah, once I achieve the result I want. I bought epoxy to cover it all and make it smooth and level and to seal it all in. Whew. I hope someone can help with how I can accomplish my goal. I would appreciate some constructive help. I really don't feel like people being mean to me. I am already upset enough. Man that's long.


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