Building a Veranda / Patio Cover Help Needed

Feb 2, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone,

I am looking at building a timber lean to veranda / patio cover down the side of my house and was hoping that I could get a bit of advice on how to do it.

The span is going to be roughly 2.7m wide by 6m long with a roof at 15 degrees. The whole thing will be painted with Ronseal one-coat.

Wood is going to be:

- 4x Fence Post Legs - 4"x4"
- Wall support screwed to the brick - 2"x8"
- End support (across legs)- 2"x6"
- Rafters & Noggins 2"x4"

I just had a couple of questions such as:

Is C16 timber sufficient or should I use C24?
How far apart should the rafters be spaced?

I am using this video as a basic guide:

Thank you very much in advance.


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