Questions About Building PVC Bed Frame

Feb 26, 2023
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I'm thinking of building a platform bed frame. It would be 84"Lx30"Wx30"H. The height refers to the level of the plywood top surface. I have some questions about how to do this. I am planning to make the frame from PVC pipe & the top surface where the mattress would lay from plywood.
1. When constructing the frame, can I make joints by inserting a piece of pvc that is slightly smaller diameter into the larger frame pieces, making a sort of pin or peg? (pic 1)

2. What size diameter do the pipes need to be in order to support me, the mattress, and the plywood? I weigh about 180lbs. So, to be safe, say 250lbs of support. The bed would be 84”x30”. Could the plywood span that and provide enough support? Or do I need additional pieces of PVC in between? (pic 2) Should it be A, B, or C? What about additional legs? (pic 3) A or B?

3. Can I just lay the plywood on top of the frame, or do I need to fasten it somehow? If it needs to be fastened, how do I do that?

I’m not an artist, but I tried to illustrate what I’m talking about below. The dark blue lines are the main PVC pipes of the frame, both vertical & horizontal. The light blue is the joints (T’s, elbows, etc). The purple is the pins, the small pieces of PVC inside the larger PVC. The black lines are where two pieces of frame meet. I didn’t have the patience to draw the whole thing. But, of course, the other end of the horizontal pieces would have the same thing connected to them. The lower horizontal pipe is 30" above the floor. The plywood would lay on top of it. The upper pipe is for preventing the mattress from sliding off the edge.

Thank you.

(I don't know why, but for some reason, my picture captions align with each picture when I'm composing. But, when I hit "post", they get out of alignment. I hope you understand my pics.)

Pic 1 Pic 2 Looking from ceiling towards floor Pic 3 Side view, with different number of legs.
Bed Frame Side View.png
View Of Bed Frame From Above.png
Side View Of Bed Frame With Number Of Legs.png


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