Need help to identify telephone/internet/tv boxes on outside of house

Nov 12, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi folks wondering if anyone is able to help identify these mystery boxes which have been uncovered by removing a bush. We dont own a land line, just Virgin cable for broadband / tv / internet. The cabling for this comes into our house in a different area than in the attached photos. The photos show an area revealed by removing a bush, we own the property on the left, which has box 1 mounted on it, and box 2 is on the boundary. We planned to remove box 1 (which looks to have 'CATV' on the front under a layer of paint) , however we noticed that this has a thin cable going to box 2 on the boundary, and box 2 has 1 thin cable which also appears to go off in the direction of our neighbours house and is cable clipped to their wall. Box 2 has an old BT icon on the front. Our neighbour's cable goes in via the white box and hole in the wall on the right. Can we remove boxes 1 and 2? Thank you in advance!




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