Fixing paper train-set scenery on to concrete breeze blocks

Aug 3, 2017
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My 14 year old grandson has a train set in the garage, and I have bought him a paper backscene to put on the wall alongside it to make it look more realistic. The wall is made of concrete breeze blocks(50 years old) which are not painted or treated in any way. The backscene is 3m long x 38cm high. What would be the simplest way to fix it to the wall please? My own idea is to first put lining paper up, then glue/paste the scenery onto that. It doesn't need to look perfect but we don't really want it to look lumpy, (maybe 2 layers of lining paper would help?) and it will have to be done mainly by my grandson, (with a little help from his friend). If my idea would work, can anyone give me instructions on what preparation is needed, and what type of glue or paste would be best. Any practical tips would be appreciated (I am a 70 year old Grandma with no wallpapering experience!). Of course I would also be grateful for suggestions for any alternative method.


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