Rough texture plaster / render over crumbly inside brick wall

Nov 27, 2022
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United Kingdom

I’m looking for some advice on a crumbly, possibly slightly damp brick wall. It’s a ground floor room and will be a living room. It was previously covered by a fitted wardrobe. I’m looking for a simple DIY solution as there may be a further refurbishment in medium term future.

Re the damp the other side of the wall is the neighbour’s external courtyard so I assume there’s some penetrating damp. I’ll try and take a look at the wall from the other side and see if I can apply some kind of weather shield paint to the exterior brick wall.

As you can see from the attached pics the brick is in different condition in different areas - in places the brick is sound with what appears some kind of paint or solution over the top, elsewhere it’s crumbly and in soft shards; with some small areas of slight damp towards the bottom.

It’s a small room and I want to lose as little space as possible. As such I’d rather not line the wall with plasterboard.

I was planning to use Toutpret interior filler to try and sort the dodgy bricks before painting the lot with masonry paint but there are too many shoddy bricks so I don't think that's a sensible idea. My preferred option now is to apply some kind of plaster / render directly over the whole wall. I’d like a deliberately rough / very textured finish which I can then paint. I've attached a pic of the kind of finish I'd like.

Will any of these products work? Or is a sand and cement mix better for this? I want something that will toughen up the wall as well given some of the bricks seem not to be in the best shape.
  • Thistle Hardwall
  • Thistle Toughcoat
  • Thistle Onecoat
My instinct would just be to remove any crumbly / loose material; dampen wall; apply plaster pretty thick in one or two coats and rough up for texture.

Also is there a product I should apply to the wall before the plaster / render in order to prevent any moisture or damp issues?

Any advice very welcome.



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