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Aug 17, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all.

First post and attempting to create a temporary video games room in the current cold-loft space and need a little help..

I've read up the last couple of days about insulation and ventilation in a loft space and want to check my follow 'battle plan' hasn't got any bad flaws.

I'm not pretending to create a proper living space (or real warm loft) and haven't got the budget too.

I'm realistic due to this and don't expect to be gaming in dead of winter but certainly either side of it, I'm happy to wrap up in warm clothes but I don't want it very cold up there with the help of a small electric heater.

Area 10m sq
Pitched roof
70mm rafter depth
Soffits running along the eaves entire front and back Eave Baffles fitted (so comes through 275m floor insulation and boards on loft legs)
Standard waterproof black sarking felt, felt vents on every rafter column.

I'm using 50mm kay metzeler polystyrene (R rating= 1.35) sticking out 30mm from bottom of the rafters (as I know I have to leave a 50mm gap between the insulation and the sarking felt)

I'm then sealing over the insulation from the inside with aluminium superfoil stapled to the face of the rafters and foil taped (as a VCL vapour control layer) this also gives an extra 1 R rating but doing it for the radiant heat gain directly back into the room.

Is it ok to have no cold air flow through the room and just having air flow travelling over and under the felt from the eaves on one side up and over to the eaves on the other?

Any help to ensure condensation doesn't build while I can stay moderately comfortable would be appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


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