En-suite plus dormer in existing bedroom - who to consult?

Feb 21, 2023
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United Kingdom
Hello - We’d like to add an en-suite (shower, toiler & sink), plus dormer to the rear of our second floor bedroom. The property has a pitched roof and was built in the 30's with 2 floors, meaning the second floor bedroom is original to the house with original staircase and is NOT a loft conversion. The bedroom runs from front to back of the house and there are eaves to either side of the bedroom (front & back of the house).

To accommodate the en-suite we’d like to add a dormer to the eaves (its about 3 ft deep) at the back of the bedroom, plus steal some space from the rear of the bedroom itself. We wouldn’t therefore be adding any additional floor space to what already exists. Lots of properties in this area have added a dormer at the back of the house. We believe this would come under permitted development and as such, won’t require planning permission (although I've emailed our local planning officer - in Kingston Upon Thames - to double check this) although I believe we will need building control sign off.

Our real issue is that we're getting conflicting advice from almost everyone, about almost everything! I think partly because everyone assumes we're doing a loft conversion when we're not. I've been told I need at least one, or a combination of the following: architect, surveyor and structural engineer. I'm not sure what I actually need (although I cant believe we need an architect!) and so I'm not sure where to start?!

I'm also unsure if we need a party wall agreement (we're semi detached).

I'd be very grateful for any advice/pointing in the right direction anyone is able to give. Many thanks


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