Fence on concreate

Apr 4, 2011
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Hi all,

I want to put up a new fence with a gate in an awkward position, running across concrete. The fence and gate will go between two walls with a gutter running along one of the walls. The total gap is 306cm. The gutter on one side is 19cm wide.

I only need three 75cm fence posts, mounted using Bolt Down Flush Fits. The gate is 91.4cm (3ft) and the fence panel is 152.4 cm (5ft). Together the three 75cm fence posts, gate and fence panel have a total width of 266.3 cm.

This will leave a gap of 39.7cm to the wall (and a gap of 20.7cm to the 19cm wide gutter). I wanted to buy the materials myself and pay a trades person to install them. Can said trades person also make a panel to fit into the 39.7cm gap between the last fence post and the wall? Can they fix the panel onto the wall as well as the post for better stability?

Another thing I am unsure of is if I need gravel board. The Bolt Down Flush Fit claims "The post support holds the timber fence posts above the ground, protecting the base post from insect, fungal and water damage". What about the actual fence panel? Is there space to use gravel board on concrete? Or would it be possible to have a 5mm gap betweem the panel and the floor? It may be that the Bolt Down Flush Fit raises the post a bit so that may create a gap, or room for gravel board.

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