Will CPVC Work for Tub Spout

Feb 18, 2019
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I had a friend install the piping for my tub / shower set up. He used all CPVC piping. The tub spout looked a little unstable to mount the (pretty heavy 2.85 lbs.) Moen S3896 tub spout on because an accident or any significant pressure like someone leaning on it could break it off the CPVC pipe. I asked about it but he said it would be fine. After a Google search on CPVC and tub spouts it appears that CPVC or PEX should not be used for the piping to the spout.

What is the correct method to pipe the tub spout supply with or tub / shower piping in general.

The valve body is a Moen U232CIS

Pictures of the tub / shower piping install

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