Two wall switches for Ceiling Fan and light.

Jul 17, 2014
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United States
I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light model AC-527. It is operated by a remote control(?) There are two switches on teh wall and 4 wires ( Black, Green, White and Blue ) in the ceiling. Most of the fans I can see these days either come with pull chains or remote controls. The remote can work light and fan including brightness and speed. The ones with the pull down chains seem to be old fashioned and perhaps hazardous.
What sort of a fan would one install. Ones with separate pull chains for fan and light might be good for the two switches, or perhaps ones with remote control and only one switch, with second switch becoming spare. How would the wires from the ceiling be connected for fans with remote control since those only need three wires -- Black, White and Green. Would the blue and black be connected together ?

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