TIG welding trolley.

Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

My lovely wife Bron treated me to a new Parweld TIG welder as a joint wedding anniversary and birthday present so I'm gathering kit to go with it and this morning completed the trolley for it.

The trolley is made from offcuts I had to hand the only real cost being a £10 trolley I bought from Aldi for its four casters. It's mostly angle iron and 18mm thick plywood; the plywood is from two bench shelves I removed in order to create space for my Oxford welder. It's nothing special but does the job allowing the welder and gas cylinder to be fully mobile; any gas cylinder requires careful handling and must be prevented from being accidentally pulled or knocked over.

Tomorrow I'm collecting sheet aluminium; I've bought suitable torch collets/collet holders together with assorted filler rod; Tig welding isn't a cheap hobby especially the AC/DC TIG welders which this one is.

I used the Oxford arc welder to weld this trolley; I'll shortly have the Oxford welder for general steel welding but have the TIG welder for more specialized welding; I was taught gas welding (oxy/acetylene) in 1964 but I've never tried using a TIG welder so it should be fun.

Kind regards, Colin.

TIG welder_0004.JPG

I don't use an hacksaw as much these days letting the bandsaw take the strain.

TIG welder_0006.JPG

Welding underway.

TIG welder_0009.JPG

Nearing completion.

TIG welder_0010.JPG

Checking cylinder for fit.

TIG welder_0011.JPG

Completed trolley tucks in nicely out of the way but is ready for immediate use.

TIG welder_0012.JPG

I'll make better use of the storage space once I have a go at TIG welding and know what kit will be involved.

TIG welder_0014.JPG

The cylinder safely restrained from being pulled or knocked over. The cheap Aldi casters are perfect for this job.

TIG welder_0015.JPG

I've got another learning curve in front of me which I'm eagerly looking forward to.

TIG welder_0016.JPG

The cylinder gauges together with a flow meter. The pure Argon gas was £60.00 and the cylinder deposit £65.00 from "Hobbyweld it being a 9L cylinder. I had bought a 30L cylinder at £284 but returned it after a dispute due to being charged £28.80 VAT on the cylinder deposit; fully returnable deposits are not subjected to VAT and it caused me a great deal of inconvenience; I've taken the matter of the VAT further.
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