Leak from wetroom

Sep 19, 2020
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United Kingdom

This is not a DIY question - rather a request for advice. Our home renovation project has finally finished. It was a near complete tear down and redo of a 1920s semi-detached in North London, UK. We are generally happy with our contractor and have been living in the house for 8 weeks now.

A few days back our lights tripped and investigation by the contractor showed that it was because there was a leak in our master bathroom on the 2nd floor and the water having dripped through to the ceiling of the family bathroom on the first floor (2 boards thick) - the water caused issues with the spotlight above the shower/tub in the family bathroom and the circuit breakers tripped.

The contractor investigated the void behind the WC and shower stall and discovered visible wetness and moisture there. The contractor then ripped off one of the tiles in the shower stall on the other side of the void - and explained to us that the waterproofing had failed. In fairness the contractor was quite taken aback and explained that this has never happened to him before.

Our contractor said that they would simply add some silicone and it would be fine, but I am not sure about that. Should I get them to remove more tiles to check for additional leakage? Should I also ask them to cut out the wet portion of the ceiling in the family bathroom to check for additional water damage to joists, etc.? How do I dry the joists? What is reasonable for me to ask the contractor to so in this situation?

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Sep 15, 2018
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South Manchester
Silicone is a "quick fix" for the contractor.

Depending on for how long the leak has gone on, your house could be very damp and it deserves an investigation. It could need some dehumidifiers run for a week to get rid of the damp. ( a friend has been through a similar situation with a small leak over several days from a tank in the loft). I'd have it professionally investigated. Have a word with your insurers.

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