"Debug" my lawn water system, repairs sprinkler valve

Dec 10, 2018
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It has been a few weeks since the first section of the watering system did not work. The first section grass slowly withered. It seems the sprinkler valve did not work. I was told that the metal based sprinkler valve normally is not easy getting damaged. unlike plastical material made sprinkler valve. As I use digital multimeter to measure the resistance value for each section from water controller on the wall, the resistance R in the section one is almost zero. I realized the solenoid kit may get short circuit. I bought a new one in about 13$ and replaced the old one. Finally it works. Instead of replace whole sprinkler valve I just replace the solenoid kit.

see following chart:
1. removed "bug", the old solenoid kit

2. sprinkler valve with new solenoid kit


3. digital multimeter and lever-nut, wire connector


The tools and components I used are as following:
1. Digital multimeter which was bought at Home Depot (https://www.homedepot.com/

search digital multimeter)
2. small vise bought from Amazon

3.3. Lever-nut, wire connectors from amazon

The root cause for the short circuit of old solenoid kit may be that the solenoid kit gets wet when it is raining...??What else could possibly cause the problem?
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