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Aug 25, 2019
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I'm replacing some old BNC cameras with newer POE (Cat6) cameras. So far I have done the three 'easier' ones.

The next two cameras enter the outside of the house through some wood trim, since covered in aluminum cladding. The cables then pass through some duct-work built around some heating duct that comes from the basement. I found the spot where the old cables pass into the house, under the aluminum and punched out the DuRrock plug I placed in the hole a very long time ago. I tried gently pulling on the camera cable I was interested in, but it snapped right off. There are two other cables that use this hole, a motion sensor and another camera. I tried pulling on these, but they did not move much. I know the second camera has quite a bit of slack in the basement. When I pulled on the cable I broke outside from the basement side it practically free fell out of the hole, so the snag must be close to where the cables enter the outside wall.

I guess I could run my fish tape through the little hole on the outside and try to snag it from the basement with my inspection camera. Although, the first time I did this, I had to cut out the drywall in the heating duct in order to fish the cable to the basement, but I was really hoping to avoid that this time.

Any bright ideas for solving my snagging issue or using the old wire to run the new cable? I was thinking of tying a string around one of the old cables in the basement and using a fish stick to push my loop and string towards the little hole on the outside. Then if I get lucky and snag the string with my inspection camera, I could use the fish stick to pull back the new cable and maybe an extra string or two. Although I think String will be subject to snagging, while the fish stick will not?



Dec 23, 2019
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United States
Is a product called a Cable Toung that has worked for me there’s also a mag pull that has worked also
Here’s a link Cable Toung Magnapull pretty cool installation tools

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