Bad walls and ceilings old DIY job

May 17, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
Fairly handy around the house, have painted a few walls in my time. What was meant to be a quick paint job in the living room has turned into a bit of a nightmare. Previous terribly prepped and executed DIY job from the looks of it.

Two main issues:

1) bulging in walls and ceiling. Painting over previously peeling paint, badly filled holes, etc. Pics attached. Ceiling, see 2) below...

2) cracks in walls and ceiling.
MESH TAPE. It was applied terribly and filled over even worse so it bulged our really badly. I tore into it and now I don’t know if I should just fill with polyfilla all purpose (as planned) or use something else and/or if I need to use tape at all? Cracks in middle of the wall and ceiling not on joints as far as I can see. Same for the wall but no tape. Cracks look scary so I’m concerned...
Any help or advice really welcome! Thanks!




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