Whirlpool Refer

Oct 3, 2015
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Neighbor asked for help: Whirlpool WRB322DMBM00 refer has these symptoms. Compressor runs. Lights on OK. Control panel responds to changes to inputs as always. No codes or odd behavior. No floor draining, coils etc cleaned pretty well. Problem is top, refer compartment is not cooling properly, freezer seems to be freezing as always. My first suggestion was to unplug, leave it off for a bit then plug back in to see what happens. Still in the works. I'm waiting for that result. Last few days we have had lightning, not right here but near by. Can that be a possibility although there are no other electronic issues with any thing. Saw some videos on other possibiliites but are there any 'typical' issues with this model? One site suggested the P drain not working properly? How would that impact cooling on top? And there is no water on the floor from plugs. thanks in advance


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