Whirlpool built in oven door locked after self cleaning and LED panel black

Nov 5, 2017
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I figured out that the thermal safety on the oven must have blown from self cleaning overheating b/c the house fuse box switch didn’t trigger (I reset it anyway). The LED display is black. No power. I need to manually, with a coat hanger wire or something, pull the latch over to unlock the oven door so I can access & remove the screws to take the oven out of the cabinet and access the back panel to replace the safety thermal part (which I bought).
Coat hanger trick is not working, tried for almost an hour...seems to be pulling the latch over, but not enough...the coat hanger bends before the door unlatches. I’ve looked all over online for a solution, and nobody addresses the door locked issue when the oven is without power AND it’s a built-in. If it only weren’t a built-in this would be so easy. Thanks in advance for your help.


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