Speedqueen wiring diagram

Dec 2, 2018
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I bought a secondhand top loader about six months ago, which was heavily rusted. As I was taking it apart I took pictures of all parts coming off the main body so that it would be easy to fit back together again. Stored the pictures and ,,,,,,JIP you guesed it, ,,,,,,those pictures are now on Murphy's Mac and are gone.I need wiring diagram please and pictures if possible. The coloring of the wiring in and out of switches do not match. The electrical wiring diagram picture, inside the top lid, had to be removed for painting, destroyed. I need that and what ever photo's you can give me please. The model number is close to: NA 3311 WASHER 200637 and although Speedqueen sent me a parts list they do not have the wiring diagram.


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