Wiring a new ZVARA bstbrrom fan live feed issues

Dec 9, 2022
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United Kingdom
Part 1.

I Have 2 red wires and one brown going into my ceiling pull chord UK light switch in bathroom. BROWN AND RED into L1 and RED into COM. Will test when get my meter (assume I need pull out joint wired wires first to seperate and run an earth into bathroom first before I try test .) but can anyone suggest what wires each is likely to be and why there are two in L1.


Reason I ask is that I want to replace my fan with a constant live zvara,(Bluetooth controlled/with sensors to turn on so not to rely on light switch ) but currently the configuration above then leads then to an isolator switch (there must be I assume a junction or loop box in between buried In wall I'm yet to see) as the isolator switch then has the 3 wires going in and out, black Brown grey.

I've tested these and oddly the result is that GREY is the PL The black the Neutral and the brown the SL.

So with this in mind I have fed the Grey PL into Live and and black into N and capped the brown SL into the zvara fan. BUT.. when the light is switched off its killing the current to the fan dead. Thus switching off the PL

(to note I did have the brown and black plugged into the live (on seperate occasions to test) on the fan and grey into neutral and... All scenarios turned the fan on and it ran, and but turned off when the light switch was turned off!?

Can anyone suggest the configuration that's causing the live feed to lose power With the light switch off... As when off both grey black and brown all have zero V.. Light on grey has 230v.

How do I ensure the live is constant and no longer impacted by the light switch being turned off.

Thanks all


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