Wiring LED for 120 and 12v power

Mar 13, 2023
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United States
I'm building a shelf/tool box to house my hand power tools (drills, impact drivers...) I'm going to have the battery chargers mounted in it, powered through a surge protector/power strip. I want to have 120v power come off of the surge protector, to a transformer that steps it down to 12v to power some integrated LED lights. But i'm wondering if i can also wire it so that if i can't plug in the surge protector, i can plug one of my drill batteries into connector, and use it to power the LED lights.

I'm a woodworker and have very limited experience with electrical. But i was specifically wondering if i could come out of the transformer, to a the input on a light switch, then to the lights. And go from the battery through a diode, and then to the same input connection on the switch. that way if i had a battery in the connector, and plugged in the surge protector, the diodes would prevent he power from entering the battery, potentially damaging it.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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