Light switch with vacancy detector - two questions...

Oct 28, 2010
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Hoping one of the pros can lend a hand.

I have a ceiling light controlled by two light switches on either side of the room. I have a growing problem with these lights being left on all night, and I'd like to see if technology can help.

I found a light switch with vacancy detector and think this could work. It will shut off the light automatically after x minutes of non-motion. The switch is the Heath Zenith SL6106-WH Vacancy Motion Switch.

Two questions:

1) Can I use something like this in a three-way circuit? (if it matters the light is inbetween the switches).

2) I read where a couple people said that the vacancy switches do not work with CF bulbs (instead of turning them off, they cause the bulbs to flicker). Is this pretty true of all vacancy switches?

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