Convert an old light switch but many wires

Mar 4, 2023
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United Kingdom
I’m currently renovating my kitchen and whilst all the other electricals are seemingly straightforward I have just opened a 2 gang light switch. Now 1 gang works the kitchen lights (lighting is 2 way with another switch on other side of the kitchen) but the second gang on this switch has never worked. The second switch in the kitchen was straight swap so no problems. Wife wants to change this 2 gang to one gang, understandably, but when I’ve opened it there are many many more wires than anticipated and do not want to attempt to play around with it until some advice… photos attached to help, I’ve got a 1 gang SP 2 way single switch with com, L1 and L2 as replacement, can anyone help with transferring? For info I added the Wago as 3 wires were bulging in one port… I also added tape so when taking apart I knew which originally went where


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