Issues with British Gas and Siemens S2AS meter reader

Nov 17, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with these meter readings. Have a complex scenario and struggling to find the answers I need online.

I recently moved into an old property, on the day I got the keys I took pictures of the electricity meter and gas (moved in about 2 weeks later). I discovered the supplier for this property had done bust that week and would be switched to British Gas (BG). I rang BG who advised me to leave it with them. I rang them back again after 5 weeks of not hearing anything, and my account had been created that day, apparently. Long story short, the numbers they have for me "from the previous energy supplier" are nothing close to what I have and say it cannot be changed.

There are three numbers that rotate through the display (taken the day I moved in); two long numbers (51659 and 57504) and a smaller 09159 when its showing Total kWh. BG have 50680 (Day reading) and 58471 (night reading).

The maths work (ish) if I assume they've messed up the day and night readings at some point. Also they smaller number seems to be the one increasing the most whilst the larger number barely moves, which is a little odd since I'm out almost everyday, all day with only fridge/freezer and router powered.

My question is: Is the smaller value (09159 - increasing slowly) relevant ? And has anyone had this issue before?

Thanks in advance!


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