Converting a slide in truck camper...

Jun 14, 2018
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Hello, I’m very new here and do not know where I should put my question for discussion, so just a heads up, you may see it in more then one thread section.

As my title states, I’m trying to convert a slide in truck camper (or however you which to call it, I will call it a camper from here out) into a permanent home. To be more specific, I want to extend it in both width and length a little bit by possibly cutting the camper in half and adding in floors and walls, if possible. Normally, I would have suggested building a new tiny home for me, my daughter, and my girlfriend and our 2 dogs and 1 cat, but this camper has sentimental value to my girlfriend. It’s the last thing of her fathers that she has, and doesn’t want to see it go unused or just sitting and rotting away to nothing.

So, can anyone one help me try and figure out if I can do what I’m looking at wanting to do? If so, could you give me insight on where to begin please? I am hopefully adding photos to help give a better idea of what the camper looks like.


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