Building a front structure/Awning for a small one-story bungalow

Discussion in 'Building' started by Jay P, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Nov 29, 2017
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    Hi group,

    I have been helping my friend get prepared for an updated remodel on her bungalow. Plans have been set for the interior, but we have been going back and forth on the exterior. While the temperatures are still being favorable to the Midwest, we are going to try and finish up exterior work before Xmas.

    As you will see in the enclosed picture, the goal is to build a contemporary structure that ultimately does 4 things: adds some needed dimension to such a flat Front, creates a uniqueness not seen in the neighborhood, offer some protection from sun or rain above the front door, and possibly be used as a way to blend in some other color/material used elsewhere on the home.

    Before we prepare drawings, get an engineers opinion, apply for permits, and buy material...we are curious if anyone in the group has built something similar or whether someone here would have an opinion of "How exactly this structure was built in the attached picture?" Meaning how is it framed? Where is it getting support? How is it attached to the home? Etc.

    Ironically we had all this in a drawing that we have been using for conversation...then low and behold we drive past a new construction home this weekend that built something nearly 95% of what are drawing is. So the picture is easier to show than our drawing.

    You will easily see that this front structure/Awning is in the ground on the far left with a nice open space between the framing there and the house....then it continues along the span of the front of the house, across the top of the door, to the right side of the house. We guess it's about 6 feet off the front.

    We are trying to build a similar structure with a similar opening. However her house is only one story. The last four pics are of her property. The last pic is the side the initial structure would need to be set in the ground and framed up from there.
    We are thinking they used some sort of 4x4 posts or something to frame in that box vertical and then built something horizontally that must not carry as much weight given it floats and there is no post or support on the opposite side. Obviously it is attached to the house, and thought the structure looks completely flat, we understand that they must have some slope built for drainage. We don't know if there is a 2x6 going along the house...whether it's
    Wood or some metal...and how the rest is framed.

    So before we continue down this path, I wanted to see if the rest of the group could help peel the onion back on how this would be built correctly.


    Other ideas and things for her exterior:
    Without having a place to store all her belongings, we took off a low aluminum carport on the right of her house that wasn't very functional and nearly have now nearly finished a one car garage with horizontal 1x4 running the front and sides.

    This front structure would tie in the wood from the garage back to the front of the house. We think it has potential and it's certainly something she has expressed that she would love to see.

    House was just painted a blue black over the weekend and the door will be replaced with a chevron style door. Trim will stay white or black. Door will either being sanded down and stained, painted a cool black, or some other splash of color.

    And trying to maybe break up the front stoop headed into the house with may be 2 steps...and allowing for a repour of concrete up top to make a larger pad that could allow some seating, etc. Both retaining walls plan to stay, but all current bushes will be removed with some new ideas coming for the spring.

    Would love to redirect or redo the steps in a floating thread of sorts, but don't entirely know how all that can be directed without sitting down and thinking thru some things.

    Any feedback on the front structure idea of how they built this one in the picture and how that applies to her charming little bungalow would be awesome. Happy Holidays to everyone'
    Family and be safe this season.


    Ps. Please excuse the mess of tools and stuff in the pics.

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    Jay P, Nov 29, 2017
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