Bathroom fan trips circuit breaker after GFCI install

Sep 8, 2010
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Hello, new member here. I just bought a house about a month ago. As part of the closing, an electrician came out to the house to install GFCI outlets where ever they were needed. All is fine except for the bathroom.

The bathroom is small, but has two outlets, one is GFCI and the other runs on the load side of it providing the same protection. There is a vanity light above the sink with the switch next to one of the outlets.

There is a fan/light/night light/heat switch on the entrance wall of the bathroom. This fan combo was working fine before the GFCI installation. Now, if I try to use any of the devices on that fan, the entire power to the house goes out. The circuit that runs the bathroom aslo runs the second bedroom and the kitchen. I also believe that the electrician installed a GFCI circuit breaker as well.

What could be causing the problem with the ceiling fan tripping the circuti breaker and why was it not doing this befor the GFCI upgrade?


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