Attic Trap Door / Condensation Leak...

Dec 5, 2016
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Eastern Ontario
Access to the Attic is thru a Trap Door (Not Hinged) One has to push straight up and past 12" High plywood sideboards that hold back the batten insulation, that task can be a Tuffy since the condensation causes the sideboards to swell... We're getting a water leak formed from condensation dripping down onto the Bedroom Floor.. We had a look see in the Attic , everywhere on the underside of the Roof is Dry , even the Exhaust Fan leading to the outside is covered & sealed.. The only place Condensation is forming is on the 12" High Plywood sideboards, nowhere else.. Tips & Ideas Appreciated on How we can stop the Leaks... btw there is a Thick slab of styrofoam glued to the Backside of the Trap Door...


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