Attic insulation halp! Questions and concerns

Oct 21, 2017
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This winter is the winter that we decided to do something about the cold and retain that cozy warmth we long for. I have always notice that our house has always been the first house in our neighborhood producing icicles. To my knowledge, this means we have poor insulation. Not having much knowledge of about insulation nor heat (other than heat rises and heat transfers from hot to cold), I have some hopefully simple questions.
Would an Attic with more vents and more insulation be better then an attic with less vents and less insulation. I hear that the vents would keep the attic cooler in the summer months, but would keep it cooler in the winter months as well, Thus cancelling out any work added insulation does? Maybe more cool air vents in the winter months would keep it dryer, thus helping heat containment?
Would it be recommended to just add insulation and not opening more soffit vents(disregarding summer heat increase)?

I appreciate any input into the matter,
Thanks for viewing also!


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