Advice on how to to pay for infilling of roof

Mar 6, 2018
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hi there, i have a 26m2 roof area that the builder was sposed to put a cement slurry on over the block and beam structure. they are off for summer now and have put waterpoorfing over top so it drys before timber roof goes on. i have noticed that the block and beam roof structure has only been "infilled" and no cement slurry over top. at the back there is also about a inch gap from top of roof to the top of engineering bricks too, so not level.

my question is ow essential a cement slurry is if i am being told things have been infilled adequately. and also what percantage of the cost i should not pay on the original quote of cement slurry (including membrane). Is the infilling bit of it quite expensive? cheers


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