Advice needed on radiator tail/valve

Feb 28, 2018
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Hello, I have a radiator with a small leak in the bathroom. I can see it is leaking from where the tail screws into the radiator. I assume there is PTFE tape on this thread and so I,m going to take the tail out and put new PTFE on it. This radiator is the one without any TRV. I wanted to shutoff each of the “valves” at the bottom corners but not sure if I can do this with the type of “valve” fitted. The left hand one looks straightforward, it is chrome and the top bit rotated like tap would do and I assume if I tighten it down it will shut the water off. But the one on the rhs has a chrome cap which screws off. Under that is a black rubber cap about half inch diameter . If I lift this off I see a brass fitting but no apparent way to isolate this valve. Am I being stupid or is it just that this type of valve cannot be shutoff?

? 50C63B87-B35D-47F6-9A34-18AC54D21981.jpeg AD68DE5C-FC03-405E-971D-38FF34A85BA0.jpeg


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