What kind of WC is this (possibly a dual trap siphonic)

Jul 14, 2019
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United Kingdom
Elderly relative has a toilet that doesn't work. Initially the problem was that the flush was weak: water level would rise nearly to the rim then only drain away slowly. Not powerful enough to remove "solids"! Subsequently the whole mechanism inside the cistern failed.

Someone who looked at it said it was a siphonic toilet. It's a "standard" (presumably made before they became "ideal standard"), not close-coupled, in stylish pink. If it's siphonic, the poor flush is probably caused by failed or missing air extractor.

Relative will not consider replacing with a new toilet unless it is exactly the same colour. So repair is the only option.

Fixing the flush mechanism inside the cistern shouldn't be a problem, but if it's a siphonic toilet that won't be enough.

So first of all: is this a siphonic toilet? if so is it a dual trap siphonic toilet? Its profile is very much like a diagram I found online (attached)




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