We Old Timers are Soooo Lucky?!!

Aug 3, 2018
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Did you get that Bovine Scatology (Bull S--t) Email, telling us Diamond Card Holders, that we are so lucky to be ONLY able to buy "Garden Stuff" from now on?
Do they think we are so naive as to be pleased about it!!!
They treat us with complete contempt. I think I see a Company which is starting to struggle when they feel they have to abuse their oldest, and most reliable customers this way!!
I admit that whilst I am an OAP, I am also in the Trade, so how stupid is it, that on a Wednesday I can buy more varied stuff, and get discount on my Diamond Card, than as a Trade Customer.
Well that's all ended now, and to be honest, I can't really see any reason to make the trip to Poole for my gear anymore.

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