Trying to repair starter board on roof but has multiple layers of shingles.

Dec 5, 2018
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Hi group, I'm working on my mom's house built in 51, unfortunately three roofers ripped off my dad and added layers of shingles instead of ripping them off. This is in Los Angeles by the beach so the weather is mild. I am painting the trim and discovered wet rotted starter boards on the eaves, and roof rafters this is a total of 20' on 3 sides so 6-8' per side. The starter board/eaves are 1x6 shiplap I went up and fixed the rafters with west systems 6-10 and a piece of rebar and now on the starter board.

I removed some shingles 7' wide about 2 feet up from the edge, I need to fix some fascia and add flashing but I'm worried as I cannot get the old shingles off in a clean manner to put new felt. There's a valley on the left side about 2' in and the shingles that end (18" from the edge) have about 2" thick of broken shingle pieces as they crumbled in my hands when I was trying to remove the nails.

I can't figure out the best way to get the felt under the old felt/shingles as it's a big mess. I know I should hire a roofer but I'm freelance and don't have 5-10k to deal with this and all the assorted deck damage that I'm sure we would discover. It's a small 30x30' house.

I need to get the 20' repaired and save money to get the roof fixed. The rain is coming this month or next.

If anyone can offer some advice as to remove or smooth the old broken shingles so I can at least add new shingles or should I add roof tar (Henry's 208r) to the bare wood and replace the felt/shingles/drip edge best I can for now. Thanks Dave


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