Telphone Jack wiring issues with DSL

Jun 10, 2018
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I have had dsl issues ever since I moved into my house 10 years ago. My provider tells me its a wiring issue at the house. They have come out and test the connect to the house. This makes since I have a security system that dials out that is wired into the phone lines near the jack that is not longer in use and may be creating a problem. I have attached the image of the wiring.

- All other jacks in the house look fine.
- There are several wires not connected to anything.

Any thoughts of if the wiring in he photo would cause a problem.




Jun 3, 2018
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Why does your provider say it is household wring? From the look at your wiring, the Blue/ Blue white pair should be attached to the two center posts. The Orange/Orange White pair would be for a second phone line. The other two pairs Green/Green/White and Brown/Brown White are not being used and are typically wrapped around the wire.

How and where is your DSL connected? Is it outside at the Demarc box?

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