Short without continuity?

Apr 13, 2023
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United States
I have 12/3 romex for a fan light switch. I ran the wire and installed two single pole switches in a two gang box one wired to black and one to the red wire. left the fan side in a j box until I could get to it. Now that I’m going to install the fan, I verified power so I could remind myself which switch was which wire and if I turn either or both switches, both the black and red get power.

To me this means I have a short somewhere. It’s possible after I closed the wall and installed mirrors etc I dinged the wire but I’m fairly certain I tucked them out of the way. Not sure how I would have done that.

I disconnected the switches and checked continuity between black and red and I don’t get continuity. How would both red and black get power if I turn in either or both switches but I don’t get continuity on those same wires with the multimeter? Could the short be far from where I’m testing continuity like closer to the fan box?

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