S.O.S. Need advice and not sure how to fix.

Aug 21, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

This is my first post here so hi to you all. DIY is not my strong point by any means but I'm usually reasonably good at it, but painting my on the inside of my front door has gone wrong - very wrong. The door, inside my flat was originally brilliant white gloss paint. I've sanded the gloss paint down so that there was no shine and it no long had any smoothness to it then used 2 coats of primer leaving each coat 2 hours between each coat and sanding lightly each time. After around 5 hours after 2nd coat of primer wad painted and dried I painted the top coat but it really didn't work out.

I can still see the primer underneath and even though I was cutting with a handheld brush I still got the same results. The topcoat was applied using a roller and it looks just awful. Would I be best to wait for it to dry, then sand down until the gloss has been removed and start the primer again ? Unless, when the 2nd coat is applied all might be well - but I doubt it, so I've included a photo to show you what it looks like.

Hope someone can help.



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