Running a waterline into a pole barn

May 9, 2022
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United States
Hoping for some insight here. 2 years ago I built a 40x50x16 pole barn, that is framed out w/ a 6" slab. At the time, I didn't think water was necessary so I didn't put it in. 2 years later, I have found that to be a tremendous mistake - I desperately need a utility sink.
Tying into existing water is no problem at all, I have a frost free about 10' from the shop. What I need to know is how in the heck do I get the supply into the building? Obviously I could just bore a hole in the wall and bring the pipe up to the floor level, but that brings me above the frost line for the vertical portion.
Again, I just need a single line against the wall (wall facing frost free) for a utility sink.
For the time being, I am just going to drain into a bucket until two years down the road when I realize I need to tie into the septic and drain field :)



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