Replacing MR16 downlighters

Dec 29, 2018
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Hey all.

My first post so please be nice!

Currently most of our downlighters are Halogen MR16 and a number have failed because the electrician didn't use fire rated enclosures or secure the connblocks down so the blocks over heated and shattered.

How the house didn't burn down I'm not sure.

I have replaced some (along with their transformers) with LEDs. I am now onto replacing the rest but plan to swap the MR16s out for mains voltage GU10 LEDs.

So here's the question: Can I just replace the lamp and lampholder or should I replace the housings as well? I am hoping because LEDs pump out less heat they should need be OK.

Thanks for all the replies.


Jun 3, 2018
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Okay, I'm officially lost. By the way, welcome.

By "downlighters" do you mean recessed or "canned" lights? If so, then there are two types. "IC" and "Non IC"

Type "IC" can come in contact with insulation and can be covered with insulation. The "No IC" needs a 3" space between it and insulation. The problem you would get is with the thermal fuse in the "Non IC" light. If it gets to hot it will open and the light will cut off. After it cools down, the light will again come back on.

That description does not sound like you problem.

If your electrician or anyone else put the bulbs into the lamps without wearing gloves, then the oils on their fingers can reduce the life of these bulbs tremendously.

You need to have a conversation with this electrician, hopefully he / she is licensed in which case you can have a conversation with your electrical inspector who will most definitely have a conversation with the electrician.

I would have those conversations before I would go out and purchase items that the electrician should be replacing.

Are you here in the U.S.A.? I'm curious because the rest of the world does not follow the same exact electrical code that we do. They are very similar, but not exact.

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