Removing Crittall French Doors without damaging

Jul 17, 2018
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Good evening

We have a pair of galvanised steel, presumed to be Crittall, french doors which need to be removed without damage, to be re-fixed internally in an existing internal archway which may need resizing and is in a solid internal brick wall.

We won’t be keeping the present glass but will replace with some kind of safety glass up to modern standards

Any general advice welcome, but in particular how do we separate the hinges from the door frame without too much damage? In the photo there is a gap between the pin assembly and the part of the hinge that is welded to the frame, where we might be able to prise the pin apart.
Is this a riveted assembly? The hole in the bottom doesn't seem to fit an allen key.

One of the photos shows that there are some large screws that hold the frame in place, would anyone be prepared to postulate that they are the only means of securing the frame, or are there likely to be lugs built in to the brickwork as well?

We appreciate the hinges may not need to be separated if we can get the glass out in order to sufficiently lighten the whole assembly, but we are restricted for time as the builders want to work in the space, and clearing up all that broken glass looks like a lot of work.

Regrettably there is little room in the planned new arch for the wood framed sidelight.




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