Removing uneven laminate flooring and washing machine

May 13, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but seemed most appropriate.

I rent a flat above a shop from a mostly absent (and cheapskate) landlord. The flooring in the kitchen is cheap laminate which is causing problems with the washing machine vibrating like mad. Underneath the worktop where the washing machine is placed (the only place it can go), the laminate doesn't go all the way to the wall and has become a bit loose - I can freely wobble the washing machine (it's level, transport bolts off etc) and when you press on the laminate, you can see it depress.

I'm wondering whether I could easily cut out some of the laminate flooring where the washing machine would go so that it would sit on the concrete underneath (on an anti vibration pad). I've tried sitting it on thick plywood but that hasn't helped. Anyone have any opinions or suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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