Removing and Re-Applying paint after cracking

Oct 11, 2022
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United Kingdom

Looking for advice on re-applying paint after removing it after new paint job ended up with cracking

The room was skimmed/new plaster - I used Leyland Contract Matt Emulsion for the mist coat, about 70/30. And then two coats of Matt Emulsion. I either went on with second coat too soon and/or applied it just a bit too thick, and the finished job has hairlines cracks all over it, so won't last.

It's only a small area - my plan is to sand it all off, which will take me back to the bare plaster, and go again but obviously leaving much longer between coats and laying it on less thick.

As the bare plaster has already had a mist coat from my first attempt, and is sealed (?), would I need to do another mist coat as I start the process again, or should I be putting a different primer/sealer on before hand?


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