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Jul 29, 2018
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Huddersfield. UK.
United Kingdom

I've run into a whole lot of grief over the last few days. Bron generously bought me a new TIG welder as a prezzie and obviously gas is needed. I visited a local pure argon gas supplier and paid for the gas and the cylinder rental. Not cheap at £286.80 but the company has to make a profit and I needed the gas.

Back home I was kindly given information from a fellow forum member on a welding forum saying VAT should not be added to to a refundable deposit such as I paid but with VAT added? I phoned the company asking for the VAT refund and the refund was denied; I must take it up with their head office; I then contacted the owner of the cylinder and again the refund was refused; I must add as a welding forum member I could have claimed £20 cash back but I had been charged £28.80 for VAT which I shouldn't have had to pay; I've been head to head with the cylinder owner and the outcome I'll be returning the cylinder unused for a full refund next week. The £28.80 is little to me but I refuse to pay VAT on anything when VAT is not chargeable.

I'm always polite and respectful but the cylinder owner made it personal by insulting and offending me not only by email but on the open welding forum and because of this I've sent details to The Trading Standards.


A typical response was if I'm so unhappy with the service perhaps I should return the cylinder and go with BOC and pay rental forever?

Steve at Chorley Gas has been very helpful and doesn't charge VAT on deposit neither do Hobbyweld whom I contacted yesterday morning and whom I'll be visiting next week in Dewsbury to collect a cylinder.

So I'm now labelled the bad boy for kicking up such a fuss. All companies should be equal when it comes to VAT; the cylinder owner I have the dispute with states he's discussed this VAT at length and is allowed to charge it? I don't dispute I'd be refunded the VAT once I return his cylinder; I dispute having to pay VAT at all on the returnable deposit; I'm not out to cause problems or trouble for anyone but I'll not back off when pushed around.

Just thought I'd share this ongoing story.

Kind regards, Colin.


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