Question on output for a cordless drill charger

Discussion in 'Tools' started by Max Burj, May 17, 2018.

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    Max Burj

    May 17, 2018
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    Hi folks,

    First time posting here. I have zero knowledge about electricity and am therefore stumped with a problem regarding a cordless drill. I have a SATA CDR 103A cordless drill, with the charging stand and the battery but the adapter has long since been lost. I have found two chargers that both fit, and light up, the charging stand when the battery is connected. They are very different, in size and output, so I'm worried about burning the house down if I use the wrong one.

    The drill says "18 Volt" and the battery says the same, but there is no other info on either the battery or the charging stand. The two adapters I have found, that light up and show it charging, are as follows:

    AC Adapter DB120085-48
    Input: AC 230V 50HZ 17W
    Output: DC 12V 850mA 10.2VA


    Hilka AD-0514-BS1
    Input AC 230V 50Hz 3W
    Output: DC 5.3V 140mA 0.7VA

    Both have the same polarity info, which has minus on left, plus on right, and a semi-open circle with the gap towards the plus sign.

    Can anyone advise me which of these appears closest to the correct adapter? The first one listed is much heavier and bigger than the second one. I think the second one came from a small, $10 cordless drill, but Ive no idea what the first, larger, one is for. Any advice gratefully appreciated, thank you.

    Max Burj, May 17, 2018
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