PF Error on Delongi PAC T100

Discussion in 'Appliances' started by WayneAli, Jul 23, 2018.

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    Hopefully someone may have a suggestion to my issue...

    I have a Delongi PAC T100 Air Conditioner, shortly after buying it (second hand around a year old) it threw up a PF error code. Initially, it was suggested online to be a "Power Failure", I later found out it actually meant "Probe Failure". I have located the Probe/sensor, which I assume is a temperature probe and replaced it, the unit ran fine but a few days later it went again, replaced it a second time and it packed up again following a few more days.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to what may be triggering this "probe failure". The original probe sat inside a small copper tube which seemed to be filled with some sort of white powder. When I replaced it, most of this white substance was lost, could this be the issue? (if so what would this powder be, I'm wondering if it's some kind of thermal compound). The Probe plugs into a small circuit board that is around the £110 mark to replace, I only paid £40 for the unit so not really wanting to get this expensive on repairs.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. I have searched several forums including this one, I get as far as replacing the probe then the search goes cold. It seems that I cannot find an answer for a repeated probe failure. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, help or suggestions. Wayne
    WayneAli, Jul 23, 2018
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