Patchy Ceiling - help!

May 7, 2022
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United Kingdom
Moved into a flat in Feb. Some stains on the ceiling (yellowish and a little shiny - see photos). Started to renovate the kitchen and covered these stains with ZINSSER B-I-N SHELLAC-BASED PRIMER SEALER. We then painted (when dry) over with Leyland Super Matt white paint (2 coats which was fully dry in between). Photos show the results. It’s patchy and uneven and despite covering the whole ceiling with leyland it’s like the patches where the primer was used have absorbed more of the paint and so the other (non-primer area) appears raised. I dont think whoever painted on the plaster prepared it properly because a bit has chipped away so I guess this may have something to do with it. Does anyone have a solution? We can’t paint the whole ceiling with Zinsser as it’s far to runny to apply and we’ve tried a coat of Johncryl on a patch but it’s made no difference. My decorator is at a loss too. Please help!!




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