Noise from neighbours washing machine

May 2, 2019
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United Kingdom
Needing some help.

moved house a month ago and could hear pipes banging all night, called a plumber and it was due to the water in my house being turned off it affected when the neighbour used there’s, there was water in our pipes so we didn’t notice the water was off, both of us could hear the banging pipes.

now when next door use their washing machine there is a noise like a dunt in the pipes, the plumber cut away spare pipes in our loft and installed a non return valve on both mines and the neighbours water pipe at the stop cock And said that would fix it but it hasn’t. I can still here the pipes dunt, any ideas what this could be? It doesn’t seem to affect the water pipes for the upstairs but definitely the washing machine, not sure about the kitchen tap though.

i can’t tell if the noise is coming from my pipes or next doors but it’s driving me insane and making me want to sell up.


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