Missing Bits?

Apr 30, 2022
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United Kingdom
Good afternoon,
My name is Josh and I'm an aerospace engineer, DIY geek and veteran. I own a really basic Makita tool kit that cost around £30 and I use it for everything! To cut a long story short I lost a bit (thankfully not whilst working in aerospace, I was changing the brakes on my car!). To replace this bit I had 2 options, buy a pack of 100 screwdriver bits for 13 quid (not bad but I only need one....) or buy one for about 4 quid... So I designed a really simple website where you can buy one bit for 50p and keep your tool kits up to date and full, as opposed to buying completely new ones for no reason. I called it missingbits.co.uk and just wanted to put it out to the people who would actually benefit from it, I'll never sell to trade because they would buy the pack of 100, I'll only ever sell to DIYers and I'll probably never make any more than a couple of quid! But if you think it's a good idea or have any feedback on the currently basic website, please let me know.



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