Kitchen sink repair?

Mar 3, 2018
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Sorry if this is the wrong place. I was looking at some apartments for rent and found one quite suitable apart from the state of the kitchen sink and would like some advice.

The sink seems to be fixed into the tabletop thing in the kitchen, it doesn't seem to be independently removed. I can't tell if it's porcelain or ceramic or some other type of material. There are tiny cracks all over the bottom of it that fill with dirt, but if I run my finger along it, it feels smooth like there are no cracks. It's also very dirty, i don't know if I can clean and salvage this. The apartment is otherwise quite good overall and I would be happy to stay there if not for this. The owner has already expressed they will not be replacing the sink.

thumbnail 1.jpg

I think the dirt can be cleaned with some kind of bleach or solvent but the cracks are another thing. I don't know if they can be sanded down and filled with filler or some kind of thing?


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